The IMpact of Training

There is an African proverb that says, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African Assemblies of God national churches, in partnership with AGWM missionaries, have established Bible schools and extension training sites across sub-Saharan Africa. You can see some of the 105 residential schools highlighted on the map. There are also over 275 extension sites. Currently, more than 25,000 students are training in these programs for full-time ministry!

The team at Africa’s Hope is working diligently to empower the African Church and AGWM missionaries to reach the goal of seeing a healthy church within walking distance of every person in Africa. This will only happen as we go together. Thank you for your faithful partnership with Africa’s Hope!

The impact on training
in Ethiopia

Over the last decade the Ethiopian Assemblies of God (EAG) has seen training improve ten-fold. The Africa's Hope Discovery Series has already played a crucial role in the training of over 700 graduated students and continues to play a role in the lives of more than 570 student currently enrolled. This impact is only growing under the partnership of Africa's Hope and the EAG by spreading the training further into the country. The EAG is establishing new training sites and translating the Discovery Series into new languages of unreached peoples groups found in Ethiopia and its neighboring countries. Africa's Hope aims to equip individuals in languages such as Somali, Afaan Oromo, and Amharic, training leaders who are bringing hope to Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia.

Ethiopia is a prime example of the vision of hope Africa's Hope has for countries across the continent of Africa. From curriculum development, print-on-demand, and translation initiatives to campus development, scholarships and so much more. We are seeing Spirit-empowered, biblically trained leaders bring hope to Ethiopia and beyond.

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105 Residential Schools             275+ Extension Sites              25,000+ Students

Meet our Missionaries!

The team at Africa's Hope is a mixture of paid staff and missionaries. Our missionaries are a vital part of the success of the ministry. Their heart for the African continent and the knowledge of training in the African context is an invaluable resource to all parts of what we do. See all of the missionaries on our team below and click the link to their missionary video to see why they have chosen to serve with Africa's Hope.

Todd & Amy

Educational Advancement Team
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Carl & Terri

Educational Advancement Lead
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PAThS Team & Administration
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Bill & Judy

PAThS Lead
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Publications & PAThS Team
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Africa Library Service Lead
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Julia & Tracy

Publications Translation Lead
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PAThS Team
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Randy & Becky

Executive Director
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Derek & Rebecca
Van der merwe

Director of Operations
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