Study Bibles

A study Bible is a rare and precious gift for an African pastor. It can serve as a mini-library for pastors, church planters, and those training for ministry in Africa. For many who live and minister in the rural parts of Africa, it may be their only source of study material. Our goal at Africa’s Hope is to provide as many Fire Bibles as possible to the thousands of African leaders who are being trained in Assemblies of God Bible schools across the continent. Whether it be in English, French, Portuguese, Swahili, or one of the many other languages used in Africa, a study Bible in a person’s own heart language is an invaluable resource to help advance the church.

A story of Hope

This is Joseph Mwangi, a recent graduate from the Koubri Bible School. His call to ministry came early, and with unwavering faith, he pursued training and was filled with knowledge and conviction to plant the church. At his graduation he received a precious gift, a Fire Bible.

Joseph felt the call to bring the church to a village in Burkina Faso where the gospel had not been preached. He was trained and ready. With his Fire Bible, he continued to learn more about God's word and was empowered to preach the good news to his church. The church grew rapidly and quickly built a tabernacle to gather in.

Joseph's church plant became a cornerstone of the village. The success of Joseph's ministry extended beyond the walls of his church. His story is a testament to the transformative power of a study Bible in the hands of a trained pastor. Joseph's journey from a student to a spiritual leader of a thriving church illustrates the profound difference that the right resources can make in spreading the gospel to unreached people groups, especially in the most remote and resource-limited parts of Africa.

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Study Bibles

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