The Pentecostal Pastor's Manual

Written by more than 30 mature African pastors and leaders, The Pentecostal Pastor’s Manual presents a wealth of insight into pastoral ministry in the African context. These leaders include national church officials, lead pastors, Bible school and seminary teachers, missions leaders, church planters, evangelists, and more. The depth of experience and knowledge of these leaders add to the great value of this work.

The Pentecostal Pastor’s Manual has already been translated into many of the most widely spoken African languages, and distribution efforts are underway. Our goal is to put a copy in the hands of every Assemblies of God pastor and Bible school student in Africa.


The Pentecostal Pastor’s Manual was developed by Denzil Miller and his team, including Dr. Jeffery Nelson and Todd Churchill, and was written by an extensive list of African leaders. This book began by determining areas of challenge that African pastors face. Authors were then found who are biblically grounded and experienced African leaders to address these issues.

Denzil and his team, in conjunction with the Africa’s Hope team, worked to gather this information and compile it into a resource that would propel new graduates of training centers into effective ministry with tools to use to address issues that arise in ministry.

Once completed in English, the book began translation into 10 other languages: Arabic, Afaan Oromo, Amharic, Chichewa, French, Malagasy, Mòoré, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swahili. After the compilation of all translations, the team worked diligently to typeset and format the content into book formats that could be printed anywhere in Africa using Print-on-Demand systems.

This book was completed in 2022 and has already begun to impact the ministries of young pastors all over Africa. Africa’s Hope has a goal to put a copy of the Pentecostal Pastor’s Manual into the hands every graduate of our partner schools.

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Pentecostal Pastor's Manual

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