Roots of Faith

Every week, people across Africa are coming to Christ. This is cause for immense celebration! But after these individuals pray a salvation prayer, what happens next? It is critically important that these new believers are discipled in the core components of their new faith or else they can quickly flounder and often return to the spiritual darkness they came from.

Roots of Faith is a series of basic Christian discipleship resources, something that many churches in Africa lack but want desperately. The first book of the series, First Steps: Your New Life in Christ, was designed to guide new believers through the first few months of their walk with Christ, and it can be used individually or in a group setting. The rest of the series will cover other topical foundations of the Christian faith and help the believer mature and learn to live as a follower of Jesus. First Steps has already been translated into several languages, and translation work will be ongoing as the series continues to develop.


The growth of the church in Africa is greater than ever before. With so many coming to faith and a shortage of trained leaders, Africa's Hope began the initiative to develop a guide for new believers to grow strong roots in their new faith.

First Steps: Your New Life in Christ, addresses the steps to be taken and the challenges that are faced by new believers.

This series is still in development, with plans for two more books to be added. After being written, they will be edited and typeset into an accessible format to all new believers. The series will then be made accessible to church leaders all over the continent to equip the new believers in their church.

First Steps: Your New Life in Christ, has already made an impact in guiding new believers and continues to be a resource for African leaders who are taking the gospel to places in every corner of Africa!

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Roots of Faith

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