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Living the Truth is a seven-year Bible study curriculum that walks through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and was designed to help fill the need for discipleship materials in local churches across Africa. These churches can use the curriculum for Sunday school, small groups, and other weekly discipleship programs. Through these studies, believers deepen their knowledge of God’s word, grow in their relationship with Christ, and are encouraged to share their faith with others.

Many churches across the continent have already begun using Living the Truth. Others are still eagerly waiting for it to be translated into their language. Translations of Living the Truth are in process in many languages already, and we look forward to continuing to add more languages so that as many churches as possible can have access to this important resource.

Story Overview

Discover Living the Truth, a discipleship resource for those exploring Christ's teachings in the African context. In the early stages of a believer's journey, Sunday School serves as a crucial starting point, yet untrained leaders may inadvertently introduce heresy. This is where Living the Truth steps in, providing a vital tool for leaders like Sama in Lomé, Togo, and Arlete in Angola.

Sama, a dedicated history and geography teacher with a profound faith, relies on Living the Truth to raise biblically sound Christians who impact their communities. Arlete, having discovered the value in Bible school, translates the series into her heart language, distributing handwritten copies to villages in Angola.

This comprehensive teaching guide supports Sunday School teachers, small group leaders, and discipleship groups, empowering believers to deepen their understanding, foster their relationship with Christ, and live out their faith. Living the Truth stands as a beacon for those on the front lines, imparting wisdom about God's love weekly and playing a pivotal role in equipping individuals like Sama and Arlete to guide others in their faith journey.

View the map to see the various areas where Sama and Arlete do  ministry.

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In 1988 national churches across Africa gathered to cast a vision for the future of the church so the gospel would be spread. Their goal was to take the church from 2 million adherents to over 15 million.

Today the church in Africa has over 23 million adherents! Now the need in Africa for trained pastors is even greater, and the need for materials to lead believers into a healthy understanding of the bible is at an all-time high. The Living the Truth Series was developed specifically for this need.

Africa's Hope, in conjunction with Africa Harvest Ministries, enlisted the help of authors from countries all across Africa to develop a series that is accessible to all new believers. Our teams worked to gather this information and compile it into a resource that would effectively address important truths  and stories that are found throughout scripture.

The series was then typeset and formatted into an easy to understand curriculum in book formats that could be printed anywhere in Africa using Print-on-Demand systems.

This series has made an impacts on tens of thousands of lives in Africa! The need for this material is greater than ever. This series is now actively being translated into nine languages with more being added yearly.

The Books in the Living the Truth Series

View the various books in the Living the Truth Series and the languages the are being translated in below.

In Progress
Not Begun


Afaan Oromo









Year 1 Book 1

Year 1 Book 2

Year 2 Book 1

Year 2 Book 2

Year 3 Book 1

Year 3 Book 2

Year 4 Book 1

Year 4 Book 2

Year 5 Book 1

Year 5 Book 2

Year 6 Book 1

Year 6 Book 2

Year 7 Book 1

Year 7 Book 2

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Living the Truth

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